Meet The Team

  • Article 36 Design - Thijs Honselaar - Director
  • Thijs Honselaar Director

The owner of Article 36. Loves playing basketball and discovering Indonesian food in his free time.

  • Article 36 Design - Adhimas Yamadwitya - Lead Designer
  • Adhimas Yamadwitya Lead Designer

Has over 16 years of experience working for multinationals like Qatar Airways, Red Bull, McDonald’s, and many more. But watch out… He has a black belt in Karate!

  • Article 36 Design - Dani Syaifi - Graphic Designer
  • Dani Syaifi Graphic Designer

Has years of experience under his belt for working for companies like Disney and international banks, such as DBS. In his free time, he loves to make music, do photography, and paint.

  • Article 36 Design - Ariba Pramesti - Graphic Designer
  • Ariba Pramesti Graphic Designer

Right after graduating from Lasalle College in Singapore, she started working at Article 36. In her free time, you can find Ariba a few meters below the sea with an oxygen tank on her back looking at beautiful fish and coral reefs.

Article 36 Design

Mission & Vision


Become the go-to graphic design agency that focuses on long-term
partnerships where trust and mutual respect are key.

We will make sure that engaging design is accessible, and more importantly, profitable, for companies of all sizes.


Relieve our customers from wasting hours in PowerPoint without having the optimal result.

What does Article 36 stand for?

In article 36A of the Indonesian constitution, the Indonesian motto is described: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. In English, this means ‘unity in diversity’.

In our business, we have the honor to connect 2 different worlds and cultures. Both cultures have their unique aspects that we can learn from. Because of this, create a bond, a unity.

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