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The marketing industry is highly competitive, that’s why it is important to stand out from the competition. An important phase to stand out is during the proposal phase.

The potential customer will compare proposals from different agencies, and having a well-designed proposal shows that you put in the effort and reflects great quality. But creating proposals from scratch takes a lot of time. Time that can be spent on other parts of the business.

Our Solution

With this problem, Active-M came to us. We suggested designing a PowerPoint template with some fixed pages that are the same in all proposals (about us, our services, etc.) and some layouts they can fill in themselves.

By embedding all brand elements, we made sure all proposals are made effortlessly.


A proposal template that helps Active-M create beautiful proposals with minimal effort.

Our Design

What Our
Customer Says

Article 36 Design

Working with Article 36 was a lot of fun. They know exactly what they're talking about and you can feel their passion for PowerPoint. The result was great as well

  • Article 36 Design - Colin T Gort - Owner
  • Colin T Gort Owner

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