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Bryte Blue gives many presentations to a variety of audiences - from sales presentations to onboarding, you name it. Since they're a very innovative and modern agency, they wanted a presentation that would 'wow' their audience and leave them speechless.  Besides this, it was also important that the presentation could be used for all different purposes.

Our Solution

We designed a very dynamic presentation with an interactive menu. They can click on the chapter they want to show at that moment - basically as on a website.  Because of this, the presenter can only show the slides that are important for the audience and there is no need to click through all the slides.


The result is a presentation that leaves an amazing impression that their audience will remember for a long time. Besides that, there is no need to cut and paste slides and create a new presentation every time.

Our Design

Article 36 Design Company Presentation - Bryte Blue - Article 36 Design

What Our
Customer Says

Article 36 Design

“It was great to work with Article 36 on our PowerPoint presentation and we are really happy with the result. Besides their A-level PowerPoint skills, the team has a lot of creative ideas that put your company’s story to the next level.

We get great feedback and compliments on our presentation which makes it an effective way for us to differentiate from competitors. That's very important to us as a startup company.”

  • Article 36 Design - Suzanne van Os - Marketing Manager
  • Suzanne van Os Marketing Manager

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