We will design all presentations
given by you and your team.

So you can focus on what matters the most, the story

Why Work With Us?

  • Save time by letting us
    take care of the slide design
  • Besides design,
    we can also proofread your slide deck
  • Projects with 24-hour deadlines
    are no problem for us
  • Always work with the same designers,
    they will know your brand inside out
  • A big price advantage
    thanks to our location in Jakarta

Who is this service for?

  • Investment banks
  • Management consultancies
  • Asset management firms
  • HR consultancies
  • Financial institutions
  • Other professional service firms
Article 36 Design

How We Work

Some Examples

This is how we visualized some of the slides we received





We get asked a lot of questions. To make it easier for you, we already answered a bunch of them

For sure! We can handle deadlines up to 24 hours.

The pricing depends on the intensity of the partnership and your requirements. Most of the time, prices vary between €12 to €25 per slide. If you want to have an exact price, feel free to contact us!

This service is most suitable for long-term and intensive partnerships. That's why the minimum is 120 slides per month.

Great question! All our designers work under an NDA and always have up-to-date antivirus software. If a project is very confidential, we always encrypt your files with the same type of encryption the NSA uses. Our processes are optimized to keep your data safe. Do you want us to sign your NDA? Not a problem!

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